Planned Giving

Planned Giving Through United Way of Lake County - Leaving a Legacy

At United Way of Lake County, our commitment to fighting for the health, education and financial stability of our community’s most vulnerable residents extends far beyond the here and now. When you include a gift as part of your overall estate and financial plans to support us, you are impacting lives, helping to strengthen Lake County’s social fabric, creating lasting change and leaving a compelling legacy.

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The inclusion of United Way of Lake County in your will, estate and/or planned giving allows us to respond to the changing needs of the Lake County community over decades and generations to come. 
Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or after your lifetime to secure your legacy, the process is simple and we would welcome the opportunity to assist you. For assistance, contact Zach Seibert at 440.639.1291 or via email at
As with all financial and tax-related decisions, be sure to check with your advisors as UWLC does not offer expertise or advice on either.
Some of the most popular planned giving methods include:
Bequests: Name United Way of Lake County as a Beneficiary in your Will
A bequest provision can be included in your will when it’s drafted or it can be added as a supplement to your existing will. This gives you flexibility and control should your circumstances change. By adding a stipulation to your will, you can designate an exact amount, an asset, or a percentage of the assets in your estate and we can provide you with the necessary details to include United Way of Lake County in your will. The benefits of making a bequest include:
  • You leave a lasting legacy to be remembered
  • You may lessen the burden of taxes on your estate 
A bequest can be made in several ways:
  • You can gift a specific dollar amount or asset
  • You can gift a percentage of your estate
  • You can gift from the balance or residue of your estate

IRA Gift: Support United Way of Lake County with a Gift from your IRA

A direct gift from your IRA custodian to the United Way of Lake County can be used to exclude up to $100,000 of annual required minimum distributions from an IRA . It is a tremendous way for you to make a gift to support the work we do to impact lives right here  in Lake County. A qualified charitable distribution from an IRA allows a donor to make a gift to charity without first having to recognize income. Qualifying individuals can make charitable gifts using pre-tax IRA assets rather than taking a distribution, paying income taxes and using after tax assets to make a charitable gift. The IRA rollover allows donors 70½ years of age or older to transfer up to $100,000 directly  from their IRA to United Way on an annual basis.

Outright Gift: Make an Outright Gift of Cash, Appreciated Stock or Real Estate

Making an outright gift of cash, appreciated stock or real estate is an excellent giving approach for individuals who fall within the highest tax bracket, have sold a business, or who have received a significant bonus and could benefit from an immediate tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity: Leave a Lasting Legacy in Lake County

Are you looking for a way to provide yourself or a loved one with a fixed payment for life while leaving a lasting legacy in Lake County? If so, a charitable gift annuity might be the right option for you. A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and United Way of Lake County in which you transfer cash or appreciated assets in exchange for a guaranteed, fixed payment for life. Best of all, you may claim a charitable deduction for the value of the gift to United Way of Lake County less the present value of the payments that will be paid to the annuitant(s). You will receive the satisfaction of helping to guarantee that the United Way of Lake County will continue the unselfish dedication of providing services to our community’s residents in need. Charitable gift annuities can be set up with one or two income beneficiaries. The minimum age is 60 and the minimum amount to establish an annuity is $25,000. Payments can be made on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Additional Forms of Planned Giving Include:

  • Retirement Plan Assets: Significant tax benefits can be gained by naming United Way of Lake County as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets at death. This option allows the donor to defer a gift to the end of a lifetime.
  • Life Insurance: United Way of Lake County can be named a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. If United Way of Lake County is named as the owner of the policy, all of the donor’s premium payments may qualify for a charitable deduction.
  • Charitable Trusts: United Way of Lake County can be named as the ultimate beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust or the income beneficiary of a charitable lead trust. Both trusts are estate planning tools that can benefit donors immediately and in the future.


If you have any questions regarding Planned Giving or need assistance, please contact Jean Sency at  440.639.1286 or via email at

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