Education-Changing the Odds

EDUCATION: Pathways to Success

It's Hard to Catch up When you Start from Behind.

Did you know?

An astounding 50%* of Lake County children enter kindergarten without the sufficient skills and knowledge to engage in kindergarten-level instruction. These children are at risk of being left behind throughout school and life. Studies show that children who begin kindergarten prepared to learn are more likely to stay engaged in school and be on track to graduate from high school; will be less likely to receive government assistance in adulthood; will have lower rates of felony arrest, convictions and incarcerations; and will be more likely to go to college, own a home and earn well above the median income. This is why we are working to build a stronger community by supporting programs centered on education, kindergarten readiness and early intervention programs to prevent children from suffering the lasting effects of early childhood adversity and trauma. 

United Way of Lake County - Working to Change the Odds

United Way of Lake County is working to change the odds for our community’s children who lack the support they need for a brighter future. An investment in United Way of Lake County helps provide children with a foundation for success throughout school and life. Studies show that the developmental sweet spot for childhood learning is from birth through pre-k and that a focus on kindergarten readiness sets children on the path for success and life-long learning, decreasing the need for costly interventions down the line. 

At United Way of Lake County we work to ensure every child gets a strong start in life by providing access to needed resources. Our goal is for our children to grow into adults who thrive in the job market and life!

When you invest in United Way of Lake County, you are investing in the future of our community’s children! Funds raised in Lake County, stay in Lake County, helping our own local friends and neighbors in need.

All United Ways are independently operated and governed. This allows us to best serve the communities we work within. In our case, this is Lake County, Ohio. As such, we are solely dependent upon local gifts. Please consider making one today! 

*Source: Ohio Department of Education